Social Responsibility, to me, is an obligation and  commitment to take steps to protect and improve society’s welfare along with being fiscally responsible. Social responsibility is an especially important factor that has led me to my journey as a candidate for Freeholder of Morris County New Jersey.

In my journey as a mother, from the first moment I saw the face of my daughter and then son, I knew I had the greatest gifts of all—but with that comes the greatest of responsibilities. In this role I was to be a provider, nurturer, and an example of strength and perseverance.

From very early on in their lives, I understood that I needed to lead by my own actions. I always made sure that I stood by my word, kept my promises, and gave everything my heart and soul. As a single mom, I fought to get educated, advance my career, and still pull my family ahead. There was a very simple rule I followed in rearing them in childhood and that was “If you have the guts to do something right, or wrong, you better have the guts to stand there and tell me you did it”. We still live by this rule today.

I’ve also tried to show them, from a very young age, to be independent thinkers and to stand on their own two feet. I taught them that regardless of what mom or dad says, it doesn’t always mean that it is right. As young toddlers ,if they seemed conflicted on who to believe or what to believe I would ask them, “What color is that grass? Don’t tell me, just keep it to yourself. If mommy tells you the grass is blue, you know the grass is still green, right?” and they would nod their heads. I told them, “Always remember that.”

Now, I am not going to lie and tell you that these two rules didn’t get me into some heated debates with my kids, but if they disagreed respectfully, we were fine. I admired their courage and my heart swelled with pride whenever they taught me a lesson. This allowed me to learn so very much from these innocent wonderful human beings who are now young adults.

As a potential representative for Morris County Freeholder, I want to use my educational background (MS in Accounting) and experience (13+years as a Controller) to contribute to my community.  I want to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and is heard, that our community is not being forgotten, and finally that we are being fiscally responsible.

I’m proud to have the support of both of my children, who want to share their own words:

“My Mom,” A Message from Josefina Amaro

Cary Amaro is a wholehearted person who approaches life with empathy and appreciation. It’s her drive that turnsher dreams into reality and tasks into action. She always looks around her and tries to uplift others on her path to success and tries to share the opportunity; especially those that lack the confidence to present themselves. Her likable personality and quirky humor make it a pleasure to be around her and feel heard when discussing an issue. Your problems are more than just tasks to her because she sees that the outcome of those tasks are the lives that they impact. Cary Amaro is a mom running and on November 5th she can be the drive for change that we need in our communities.

“I love you,” A Message from Martin Amaro

I have always looked up to my mom as my role model. The person to teach me right from wrong and how to care for people. She continues to be someone that has always followed her passion and taught me to persevere no matter the things that seem to block the way. I appreciate everything she has done for me and how she is always there to lend a helping hand or can be there for me to hear me vent about the problems going on throughout the day. I can honestly say that my mom is the most amazing parent anyone could ask for and my best friend.

Cary Amaro is running for Freeholder in Morris County, NJ. You can support her campaign by visiting her website at or donating here. 

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