Welcome to Projected Redefined: Moms Running. Relaunching has been in the works for a long time and I am so excited to share what is new around here and what is staying the same!

First, let’s dive into what has changed … namely we have a whole lot of new options and opportunities. Obviously we have a new website (click around and let us know what you think!) and we have a fun new logo. Beyond the look and feel we are changing up how and what we do so we can provide the services moms can use to help them thrive. 

We are expanding our mission to include not just moms in politics but also advocacy. At Moms Running we know that politics and advocacy are inextricably intertwined and that moms ought to be supported and lifted up in all that we do. Moms are inherently in the business of making things better in the world. That is why we created a unique coaching system specifically aimed at moms who are involved in politics and/or advocacy. Our goal is to meet moms where they are and when they are. What that means is that we have online coaching, text message coaching, weekly support groups and self paced courses to join right now. 

All of our coaching options can be mixed and matched to create a program that will work for the unique needs of any busy mom. We want you to know that we are here for you, to pick you up when you feel down, to give you structure when you need it, and guide you through the inevitable overwhelm and burden of being a mom at the forefront. 

Second, time to talk about what is staying the same. At our heart we will always be focused on two things 1) moms, and 2) lifting up moms in the best ways we can. Our core mission to focus on moms and provide them with the love, kindness, and meaningful support they want and need will not be changing. 

We are continuing our Moms Running Network Facebook group where you can ask questions, share info, and meet new like minded people. Our blog is open for submissions where you can share your story with us and the public. Help elevate other moms out there by sharing your knowledge, gifts, and truth. One of the downsides of motherhood is the real potential for isolation and loneliness. Sharing our struggles and celebrations is one way to alleviate some of that downside. 

Finally, this is all an evolving process. Stay tuned for future workshops, podcast episodes, retreats and more. Send us a message, follow us on social, and reach out at any time!

If you believe in what we do and feel strongly about supporting moms in politics and advocacy, consider becoming a patron today.

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