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For so many moms, the initiation into motherhood comes with the joining of groups. Whether it’s the breastfeeding support group sponsored by your local hospital, or the baby play group you’ve joined so that your infant is doing his/her tummy time in tandem with others, there’s nothing like new motherhood to spur on the search for somewhere to join in and commiserate. Nothing…except maybe politics.

Starting a candidacy is a little like having a baby. You’re going to give it your all. You’re going to get tired. You’ll be the last one to eat and the first one to show up. And you will often feel like you’re the only one who can helm the ship. As candidates, moms need support, and Moms Running is committed to facilitating those relationships. Join us by signing up for our newsletter, following us on Twitter,  joining our Facebook community—we’ve created the Moms Running Facebook Page (which is open to the public) as well as the Facebook Group, Moms Running Network (our private group), where we share, cheer, and commiserate with fellow mom candidates—follow our Instagram page for inspiring photos or our Pinterest page for all the pins a mom candidate might need, from ways to occupy your kids at campaign events to the best dresses to wear to a political gala. 

Moms…the world needs your vision, your compassion, your ability to prioritize and your commitment to your communities. Let us be your​ support network. 


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