Advocacy can be a world of extremes. There are incredible highs when things go the way that we hoped for, and some really devastating lows when the outcomes don’t match our expectations. Beyond the regular ups and downs of a life of advocacy, it also is a space that naturally attracts empathetic humans. Empathy is a beautiful and wonderful trait to possess and it can be a heavy load to carry. 

When we buy into the idea that we have to be, do, and support everything all the time it can easily become overwhelming. We forget about real self-care, how to put ourselves first, what our core values are, and how important it is to seek joy and laughter. We get stuck in the busyness of doing. That leads to us missing out on the joy of living. 

That is where Moms Running comes in. When you are feeling a little bit lost, down, or even apathetic about your purpose we can help. Seeking assistance in times of stress is one of the healthiest and bravest choices you can make. We are often conditioned to hide away our distress and pretend like we are living that insta-perfect life. Pictures of our neighbors, friends and even family can send us down the rabbit hole of perfection chasing. 

Additionally, as advocates we can get lost in the reality of what it means to seek long term change. The frustration inherent in the battle for social, systemic, and cultural change demands an outlet. If you are endlessly working towards these things it can be hard to maintain perspective. It can seem hopeless. When you buy into the culture of martyrdom that often surrounds advocacy, and even politics at times, you are setting yourself up for burnout. 

Finding someone to talk to if this happens is essential self-care and self-love. Coaches can help you prioritize and evaluate your choices and opportunities. They can assist in figuring out what you can let go of, what you have control over (to be clear the answer is often “not much”), and how to make a plan that will help you live your purpose in a joyful way.

Reach out to us here to get started, and if not us, then find someone you are comfortable working with because you deserve support and to live the life you want!

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