Welcome to Moms Running

a part of Project Redefined 

Specializing in Supporting Female Advocates

Lifting up a generation of moms in politics and advocacy. 

Welcome To Moms Running

Weekly Coaching

Weekly support and advising for moms in the political and advocacy arena. Spend an hour a week working through your blocks, planning your next steps, and letting go of the things holding you back. 

Daily Text Check-Ins

Daily reminders, accountability, and check-ins from an objective outsider. Let us be the positive daily influence on your life that you always wanted. 

Individualized Programming

Let us design a program specific to your needs. We can create a schedule of calls and text messaging to enable you to build the advocacy or political life you desire. 

About Us

Serving Women in Advocacy and Politics Since 2018

We are Project Redefined: Moms Running aka Rielly Karsh and Tovah Kopan. We also go by Mom, partner, friend, politician and advocate to name a few other options. Our foray into this arena started in childhood and continues to build as we grow and change.

Rielly grew up with a political activist bent. All her life she has contributed to and lead the charge in political activism from environmental justice to women’s rights. She ran for political office in 2017 and discovered first hand how much the system is built to keep women, and particularly moms, out of the race. Having held office, lead grassroots political activist groups, and spent years working for equal rights and social change Rielly realized that women and moms need a support system more than ever. Moms Running is that support system. It was forged with the intent of creating space for moms to grow into the incredible politicians and advocates we are meant to be.


Do You Have Any Questions?


Share of female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies as of 2020.

Number of years it will take for gender equality in the highest positions of power to be reached at the current rate. As of 1 January 2023, there are 31 countries where 34 women serve as Heads of State and/or Government.

The number of women in the US Congress as of 2023. This is 28% of the total office holders.


Check out our frequently asked questions for quick answers to your most pressing queries. Reach out with anything else!

Who should sign up for coaching with Moms Running?

Our mission is to help political and advocacy minded moms reach their potential. If you are struggling with what to do next, how to manage the stress and isolation of campaigning, burnout, overwhelm, a lack of direction…if you are unsure then you are in the right place! 

I don't think I have time for coaching but I need support, what can I do?

Let’s have a conversation before you decide that you don’t have time! Coaching can improve your quality of life enough to make the time exchange truly worthwhile. However, if it turns out that you don’t have time to invest in online coaching once a week we have alternative options like group coaching, circles, workshops and text coaching.

I don't see exactly what I need on your website, what should I do?

Looking for something more tailored, or not really sure what you need? Not a problem. Reach out to schedule an initial intake and we can create a program that will serve your unique needs.

I'm so burnt out I don't even know where to start, how can you help?

Sometimes we push so hard and give so much of ourselves that we lose touch with our needs. When you feel burnt out in this way it is the perfect time to reach out. We provide a safe place to start the conversation and take that first step.

We have to fuel our own body and spirit in order to continue down our chosen path. One small step in our direction can help that process along.

Why are you focused on moms, politics, and advocates?

We are intimately acquainted with the reality of burnout, overwhelm, and isolation that can be associated with the life of a politician and advocate. Even more particularly as mothers. When we looked around for the specific support we needed in this arena, it didn’t exist. That is why we created a space specifically to support moms in politics and advocacy. 

How do I get in touch with you?

Great question! Click through to our contact page, email us directly, or reach out via social anytime. 

Do you do other kinds of coaching?

Yes! You can find our life and spiritual coaching practice here: Go Boldly Initiative

We host a weekly podcast called We Go Boldly and provide coaching intended to help you live the limitless life you are meant to live.

Text Help

Get Coaching Anywhere You Want

We are moms, advocates, and entrepreneurs. Our business is built on the principle that access to support services should be easy. Online and text coaching are incredible resources for busy women.

Coaching women and moms through the ups and downs of a life of advocacy

Get the support, accountability, and room for growth that you need.

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